Terms & Conditions


Rules for Pre-Registration of Residential Users

In connection with the Plateau Fiber Project, Plateau Fiber would like to know which residents of neighborhoods are interested in receiving Plateau Fiber services if fiber optic infrastructure was built in your neighborhood. To that end, Plateau Fiber is asking interested residential residents to pre-register to express their intent to receive services from Plateau Fiber over the fiber optic infrastructure which may be built in their neighborhood. By pre-registering you are agreeing to pay a registration fee of Ten Dollars ($10) (the "Registration Fee") and to purchase services when available from Plateau Fiber if Plateau Fiber installs the fiber optic infrastructure in your neighborhood. If your neighborhood is built out by Plateau Fiber and you purchase services from Plateau Fiber over the new fiber optic infrastructure, $20 will be credited on your first bill for Plateau Fiber services. If your neighborhood is built out by Plateau Fiber and you do not purchase services from Plateau Fiber, the Registration Fee will be forfeited and retained by Plateau Fiber. The Registration Fee will be refunded to you if Plateau Fiber does not build out fiber optic infrastructure in your neighborhood.

The registration process is intended to prioritize construction and ensure there is sufficient interest for Plateau Fiber to invest the capital required for construction. The areas being considered for construction are divided into Zones. The first Zone to reach a requisite level will be scheduled for construction. Each subsequent Zone reaching the requisite level will be scheduled for construction in the order in which they achieve the requisite level. Any Zone not achieving the requisite level will not be constructed with Plateau Fiber. If you have questions regarding this pre-registration process, please contact us at 1-877-752-8328 or 575-389-5100.

The services to be provided over any fiber optic infrastructure constructed in your neighborhood will be 100 Megabit or 1 gigabit Internet service, Plateau TV video services, and voice communications services as noted at www.PlateauFiber.com (the "Services"). Please indicate which Services you would be interested in if your neighborhood is built out.

Please note that the Services are for residential use only and are not for commercial use. Commercial users should not pre-register. If Plateau Fiber determines that the address at which you receive Services is not a residential address, Plateau Fiber may require you to transition to another type of account in order to continue providing the Services. This transition may include an increase in fees for the Services.

Payment of the Registration Fee can be made electronically via Square at www.PlateauFiber.com or in person at the Clovis Superstore or Headquarters. Any refunds of the Registration Fee, including those made by Square, will only be made by check payable to the name on the Pre-registration form and mailed to the address indicated on the Pre-registration form. Services will be provided pursuant to Plateau Fiber current terms and conditions for the Services including, but not limited to, credit policy, privacy policy, and customer service agreement.